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Status Bill Review

At first glance, all bill review companies may look the same, but Status Bill Review is more than meets the eye!

Simple to Use:
Multiple Delivery options including:
• Electronic
• Fax
• Courier
• US Mail
• E-Billing (Coming Soon!)

Reliable Results:

Status Bill Review uses a proven accurate KFI (Key from Image) or KFB (Key from Bill) process to enter medical bill information, matching billed services and items to medical reports to ensure appropriate levels of payment. The Bill Review System monitors for:

• Upcoding
• Duplication
• Prior Authorization
• Billing Accuracy

Status Bill Review offers:

Bills are reduced in accordance with the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) and further discounted using tiered Preferred Provider Networks, (including the proprietary Status PPO Network) resulting in maximum savings below the OMFS.

• Accurate Bill Entry
• Rapid Turnaround Time (48 hours from receipt)
• Strategic Network Placement for Maximum Savings
• Coordination with Pharmacy Programs, Ancillary Networks
• Networking to Maximize Savings
• The Status PPO Network - our own proprietary network with
   steep discounts
• MPN design, creation and monitoring
• Efficient EDI Transfer with virtually any claims system
• Competitive, transparent pricing

For fast, accurate medical bill review you can trust, choose Status Bill Review!


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