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File Tracking System

Status Investigative Group utilizes File Trac ™, a web based claims management system from Online Reporting, Inc. File Trac ™ enables our clients direct access to the system and all of the claims information that has been received on a specific claim. Clients are provided with a login and password and have the ability to enter new assignments into the system as well. Claims can also be received via email, fax or telephone if a client chooses.

With File Trac ™ Status can efficiently monitor and track all the information relevant to a case including the investigator assigned. Specially developed and ad hoc reports are available to clients. File Trac ™ also enables Status to establish a paperless environment.

Comprehensive Searches

Status Investigative Group utilizes Nexis Lexus for Social Security searches, address updates, criminal and civil court searches. In addition, Status utilizes the Social Intelligence Corp for searches on social internet sites. DMV records and vehicle registration records are obtained through Logan Registration.

Surveillance Tools

All of our surveillance and recorded statements are taken utilizing specialized digital cameras (including covert cameras) and recorders. Digital photos and video are all maintained within the system.

Status Investigative Group provides a positive impact to claims programs throughout California.

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