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Jeff Simon

CEO & President

Jeff's Philosophy

Improvements in technology have dramatically advanced the claims handling process over the past ten years. The Simon Companies makes it a priority to embrace this growth by implementing the latest software advancements across all critical areas of our business. Yet, though we are continually looking for new ways to holistically improve our services, we maintain as a core philosophy that each client has requirements or processes that are unique to their business and so it is our goal to tailor our services to meet those individual needs. Our competitors and other third-party administrators often fall short of this goal by not partnering with their clients. Instead they adhere to a set of uncompromising rules and procedures that are dictated by a board of directors who only have the corporation’s bottom line in sight.

We understand that approach is unworkable because customers simply cannot be lumped together as if one style of claims processing will fit every businesses’ needs. At the Simon Companies, our goal is to form a lasting and effective partnership with our clients, and we take pride in being able to make the necessary internal changes to our business to serve our client’s needs.