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Since 1942, The Simon Companies
has provided innovative solutions and high-quality service
To Clients Throughout California.
The Simon Companies represent the pinnacle in administration and cost-containment strategies for workers’ compensation and general liability claims. Each facet of The Simon Companies blends cutting-edge technology with traditional business values ensuring that whether you use our combined services, or just those that fill your organization's particular need, we'll put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Since 1942, The Simon Companies has provided innovative solutions and high-quality service to clients throughout California. We look forward to discovering how we might serve you. 

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March 23rd
California labor inspectors are making fewer inspections, but are uncovering more violations with each inspection conducted. Julie Su The Bureau of Field Enforcement reduced the number of inspections it conducts every…
March 22nd
California lawmakers will hear testimony on bills addressing police and firefighter benefits, and ongoing efforts to crack down on fraud, during the first and second weeks of April. The Assembly Insurance…
March 22nd
The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office announced that a recent compliance check of local contractors and service companies found that half of the businesses were operating without required workers’ compensation…
March 22nd
Lien claimants challenging the constitutionality of the mandatory stay on liens filed by criminally charged providers say the Department of Industrial Relations violated a federal injunction by creating a new process…
March 22nd
A California appellate court ruled that a group of defendants were liable for $829,041 in damages to an injured worker for engaging in a series of fraudulent transfers to prevent…