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Since 1942, The Simon Companies
has provided innovative solutions and high-quality service
To Clients Throughout California.
The Simon Companies represent the pinnacle in administration and cost-containment strategies for workers’ compensation and general liability claims. Each facet of The Simon Companies blends cutting-edge technology with traditional business values ensuring that whether you use our combined services, or just those that fill your organization's particular need, we'll put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Since 1942, The Simon Companies has provided innovative solutions and high-quality service to clients throughout California. We look forward to discovering how we might serve you. 

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May 21st
A Southern California chiropractor was ordered to pay $165,442 in attorney fees and costs for a failed extortion complaint that was thrown out under California’s anti-SLAPP statute. John Larson in June…
May 21st
The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against a chiropractor accused of paying for patient referrals as part of a widespread capping scheme being prosecuted in courts throughout Southern…
May 18th
The California Assembly’s Appropriation Committee passed a bill that would create a rebuttable presumption that janitorial workers are employees rather than independent contractors. The committee on Wednesday voted 12-4 to pass…
May 18th
The board of directors for California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund is meeting over two days to discuss financial reports, strategic plans, pending litigation and other issues. Directors will hear a report…
May 18th
Federal agents last month arrested a Southern California doctor accused of receiving $3.2 million in kickbacks from Pacific Hospital of Long Beach, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office says in court…