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Since 1942, The Simon Companies
has provided innovative solutions and high-quality service
To Clients Throughout California.
The Simon Companies represent the pinnacle in administration and cost-containment strategies for workers’ compensation and general liability claims. Each facet of The Simon Companies blends cutting-edge technology with traditional business values ensuring that whether you use our combined services, or just those that fill your organization's particular need, we'll put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Since 1942, The Simon Companies has provided innovative solutions and high-quality service to clients throughout California. We look forward to discovering how we might serve you. 

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August 29th
California Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, said he decided to “take the bull by the horns” in introducing legislation to fight workers’ compensation fraud in the state. Assemblyman Adam Gray In a…
August 29th
California's 2nd District Court of Appeal on Thursday upheld an injured worker's conviction for making criminal threats to a peace officer and pharmacy manager. Although Sergius Apostolos Orloff is reliant upon a…
August 29th
California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation on Friday released draft regulations to implement a closed drug formulary, a proposal in which drugs on a “preferred” list could be prescribed without preauthorization. But…
August 29th
Some of California’s workers’ compensation judges could get a raise under a tentative agreement negotiated by their union, the Sacramento Bee reports. The California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges, and Hearing Officers…
August 26th
The Assembly Insurance Committee on Thursday approved Senate Bill 1160, which would limit utilization review in the first 30 days of a claim, despite opposition from the California Society of Industrial Medicine…