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Providing Case Management and Utilization Review services to both public and private entities throughout the State of California for over 25 years. 

Nurse Case Management & Utilization Review

Our case management & utilization review services include telephonic & field case management, which allow stakeholders to streamline the process.

Our Philosophy

We strive to make the workers' compensation claims administration process easier for both the injured employee and the employer. Our nurse case managers serve as frontline advocates for injured employees, guiding them through what many view as a daunting and uncertain process. Our utilization review nurses serve a similar function, ensuring injured workers receive appropriate medical treatment under the conditions presented, all while ensuring the employer is not paying for duplicative or unnecessary treatments.

Our Areas of Expertise

Utilization Review


Utilization Review ensures quality care to injured workers while eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate treatment. Status Medical Management’s state-approved Utilization Review Plan assures the injured worker receives the appropriate care from the appropriate provider in an expeditious fashion.


Status Medical Management’s Medical Director—a board-certified family practice physician—oversees the Utilization Review Program. The Medical Director and Status Medical Management have developed a three-tiered best practice system that reduces unnecessary Utilization Review frequency and cost.

Nurse Case Management


The outcome of a claim is often dictated by the employee’s experience with the workers' compensation system, so having knowledgeable nurse case managers can be a difference-maker for both claimants and employers. Status’ nurse case managers make an impact on our clients and patients by encouraging and supporting injured employees throughout the workers' compensation process, working to reduce permanent disability, and getting employees back to work. Our nurses accomplish this by working with doctors, claimants, and adjusters to develop detailed plans of care that are tailored to each individual’s case.

Nurse Case Management Features
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