Status Bill Review

Status Bill Review

Decision Making
Selecting the right bill review company is a critical decision you will have to make for your medical cost containment program. Bill review companies are difficult to evaluate as the services being offered are similar and the fees can be widely varied.
The Status Difference
The Status difference starts with
  • • Rapid turn-around
  • • Excellent provider relations
  • • Non-Fee Schedule review
  • • Highly skilled & experienced staff
  • • PPO Bridge
  • • Competitive pricing options
  • • Detailed reporting
PPO Network
Status Bill Review maintains its own PPO Network for the benefit of our clients. Read more about what this perk means for you.

Status Bill Review Benefits

Status Bill Review provides an even greater opportunity to save when combined with Status Medical Management!

*Results typical, but not guaranteed

Average Saving of 70%*


Full Support of our reviews


Complete Utilization Review Integration


Status Bill Review Offers

  • Fee Schedule Analysis

    Our auditors are trained, qualified professionals – not data entry clerks.

  • Key From Image Technology

    Auditors review bills as on-screen images, allowing them to spend more time reviewing and less time entering data.

  • Usual & Customary Review

    Our auditors have the benefit of the most current U&C data to ensure accurate pricing when fee schedules are unavailable.

  • Proprietary PPO Network

    The Status PPO Network works for you – providing quality medical care at discounted prices.

  • Network Management

    Status offers network tiering as well, combining the strengths of other networks to ensure maximum discounts.

  • Multiple Quality Checks

    The Status Core System monitors bills for duplicates, upcoding, unbundling and other common bill review concerns.

  • Vendor Management

    Status maintains relationships with the ancillary vendors you need to complete your cost-containment programs. From Pharmacy to DME to Home Health, Translation and Copy Services – Status has you covered.

  • MPN Support

    Status was the first company in California to create an approved Medical Provider Network. Custom MPN’s are our specialty!

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