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About Us
Status Investigative Group, based in Modesto, CA, has specialized in workers’ compensation investigations since 1996. Founded from a need expressed by our clients to have an investigative service that takes red flags reported by employers seriously, Status investigators help stop hundreds of claims in their tracks each year. Status has taken film of “permanently disabled” claimants working multiple jobs, breakdancing in the park, and winning soccer and rock-climbing championships, but we’ve had just as dramatic an impact on claims programs when claims are quietly withdrawn after an investigator arrives to take a statement or interview witnesses. A majority of claims do not involve fraud, but for those that do, having an experienced and visible investigative presence can mean the difference between an open claim and a closed one.
Status Investigative Group is staffed by experienced investigators with law enforcement and/or military experience. They excel in AOE/COE investigations, surveillance, witness statements, fraud, theft & threat assessment, wrongful termination and other employment-based investigations.

General and Specialized Investigations

What You Can Expect From Our Team

  • Task-Based Assignments
  • Clear, Concise Communication
  • Efficient and Cost-Conscious Investigators
  • Thoroughly Documented Results
  • Complete Package of photos, video, and timeline
  • Streamlined Tracking Processes
  • Real-Time Access to Investigation Status

Status provides specialized services for:

  • AOE/COE Investigations
  • Surveillance and Activity Checks
  • Social Media Investigations & Monitoring
  • General Investigations Including Workers' Compensation, Liability, and Auto
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Return to Work Investigations
  • Subrogation Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Asset Searches
  • Background Checks
  • Medical Canvass/Pharmaceutical Canvass

General Investigations include:

  • Accident
  • Liability
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination and Threat Assessment
  • Criminal Defense

Additional Details

Workers' Compensation

  • Status has a reputation in AOE/COE and sub-rosa investigations that is unmatched in the industry. You will receive well-documented reports which reveal the facts ensuring that hearings are resolved fairly and honestly.


  • Status utilizes an easy automated referral process. Our streamlined claim investigation process gives you real-time access to the status of investigations and ensures secure evidence retention.

File Tracking System

  • Status utilizes FileTrac to give our clients direct access to all claims information. Clients are provided with a login and password to efficiently monitor and track all information relevant to a case.

Comprehensive Searches

  • Status Investigative Group utilizes the top tier of searching for Social Security searches, address updates, criminal and civil court searches, social internet sites, DMV records, and vehicle registrations.

Surveillance Tools

  • All of our surveillance and recorded statements are taken utilizing specialized digital cameras (including covert cameras) and recorders. Digital photos and videos are all maintained within the system.


  • Fee arrangements depend on the specific services rendered. Many investigations involve similar surveillance methods and intelligence gathering. However, individual cases vary. After an in-depth discussion of a case, a fee structure will be presented for review.

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