Status Medical Management

Status Medical Management

Who We Are
Status Medical Management is an established Case Management and Utilization Review company that provides service to both public and private entities throughout the State of California. Status Medical Management provides both telephonic and field case management services that allow streamlining of the process between all stakeholders.
Our Philosophy
We facilitate timely, high quality, and medically appropriate care to injured workers while containing cost through elimination of unnecessary and duplicate services.
The value of Status Medical Management to the claims process has proven return on investment accomplished through encouragement/support of the injured worker, review of Medical Reports to assess for an appropriate plan of care, monitoring return to work while facilitating medical care and reducing permanent disability.

The Four-Fold Status Medical Management approach

  • Educate

    Education of the injured worker to involve them in the recovery process

  • Be Prompt

    Ensure timely access to appropriate medical providers and treatment

  • Facilitate

    Facilitate recovery through communication with all stakeholders

  • Guide

    Guide treatment to best outcome

Utilization Review and Medical Director

Our passion and integrity are to serve our clients.
This remains at the core of our business practice.

Utilization Review ensures quality care to injured workers while eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate treatment. In addition, the Utilization Review program assures the injured worker receives the appropriate care from the appropriate provider in an expeditious fashion.

Status Medical Management Utilization Review Program is under the oversight of a Board Certifed Family Practice physician. The Medical Director and Status Medical Management have developed a three-tiered Best Practice systems that reduces unnecessary Utilization Review frequency and cost.

If you are looking for an experienced NCM company dedicated to quality and focused on your particular needs, you've found that with Status Medical Management. We are certain that our reputation and experience will set us above the rest.

Workers' Compensation Utilization Management

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